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I'm slowly working through the 700+ book list that I have going right now. My main problem is the covers of some of these books. If a cover catches my eye I will put it on my 'to read' book list and that one just keeps growing and growing.

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TMI - Patty Blount Ok I really really wanted to like this book. I thought I was going to really like this book. But I didn't unfortunately. It was too watered down for me but I think that's because right before I finished this book I finished the book called 'Do You Want To Go Private?'. Which for me was a better book about internet relationships going awry. The main issue with this book for me though was that I could not connect with Meg throughout this book. I actually hated her character a lot while reading this. The way that she treats Chase and Bailey just does not sit right with me. Also she is one emotionally distraught young woman that I didn't actually realize until the end of the book and that just didn't sit well with me either, I would have rather had some sort of insight to how and why she felt and acted this was other than her Father's Plan that he was talking about with her. Another thing that bothered me was the fact that Bailey didn't sense this in her best friend, and the fact that she didn't try to help her in some way. Bailey was an okay character for me, I connected with her more so than with Meg but there were still some aspects to Bailey that I didn't truly love. Both characters were very catty but Bailey seemed to be a huge push-over in regards to Meg. Though I was hoping to enjoy this book more than I did it just didn't come together for me. And for now I think I'm going to lay off the internet relationship books.