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I'm slowly working through the 700+ book list that I have going right now. My main problem is the covers of some of these books. If a cover catches my eye I will put it on my 'to read' book list and that one just keeps growing and growing.

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The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1) - Abbi Glines This book was such a disappointment to me. I was interested in the book based on the summary given on the goodreads page here. But after reading some of the comments and reviews of the book I was convinced it'd be a good book. But after finishing it in a short amount of time I have to say that I am really disappointed in it. It's an unoriginal plot with characters that don't seem believable to me. Beau is this southern teen who is so amped up to be the bad boy but doesn't really do anything that would classify as being a bad boy and only solves issues by either running away or hitting with his fists. Ashton is a self absorbed young teen who managed to cheat on her boyfriend of three years and spin it so that it didn't seem like such a horrible thing. Ashton's character really bothered me, I was actually rooting for more 'torment' to happen to her in the book. I don't take cheating lightly and to read a book where a character makes her transgression seem like nothing at all really bothered me. I had some hope when she owned up to being 'a brat' or 'selfish' but then nothing else happened with her owning it she just mentions it about herself. Sawyer's character wasn't so great either, he's this perfect teen who everyone loves. He was just forgettable.I also felt like this book had a lot of parts missing from it. For instance there was no steamy sex scene between Ashton and Beau even though it felt like the book was leading up to it. Also there's a lot of mention of things that happened between characters that was never in the book, like Ashton saying she had sex multiple times with Beau but yet it was never in the book. And Beau has been noted to curse a lot and have a foul mouth yet every time there is dialogue between him and anyone else there isn't any curse words.All in all this book was a let down and I'm worried that the second book is going to be a let down too. I actually want to read more about Lana than Ashton in all honesty.