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I'm slowly working through the 700+ book list that I have going right now. My main problem is the covers of some of these books. If a cover catches my eye I will put it on my 'to read' book list and that one just keeps growing and growing.

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Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia It was an okay book I felt. There were a few problems in there like for instance I didn't like how easily the telepathy between Ethan and Lena was explained away. It was never really explained why they had that telepathic bond. Also I was left with a lot of questions for my liking. Some of the questions are the normal cliff hanger ones but then there are the ones like what happens to Boo now? Also what about Lena? There were a lot of interesting good parts to this boom. It was enjoyable to an extent. But after while of listening to Ethan talk about how amazing Lena was for a little tiring. The book seemed to jump for me too, the part where Ethan has a heart attack after kissing Lena? I didn't realize he had a heart attack until two paragraphs into the next chapter. Also in the end of the book Lena seems to jump from the top of the crypt to the ground within an instant of writing and there was no documentation of it. It was a little weird for me.